Youth Education Ambassadors - YEA

2015/2016 YEA Participants. On March 23rd, 2015 the first Youth Education Ambassadors received their certificates at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna.

The application for the 2016/2017 Youth Education Ambassadors program has been extended until 23 October 2016. Apply now!

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” Goal 4 of Sustainable Development Goals.

UESF (United for Education and Sustainable Futures) is an international independent, not-for-profit organization that mobilizes resources to support education, as well as educational development-related projects worldwide.

The "Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA-Program)" was established in October 2013 by a group of motivated individuals of various interests and fields of study. All team members are volunteers and invest their spare time to work on this innovative project for students, because they share a great vision: To create a world in which young people are aware of the correlation between their lives and those of other youngsters around the globe and work together to create mutual support through cultural and intellectual exchange as well as quality education (both formal and non-formal).

YEA Vision
A world in which young people understand the link between their lives and the lives of other youths around the globe and work towards empowering each other, through cultural and intellectual exchange, the provision of adequate formal and non-formal education and the engagement in education-related activities. Thus, the Youth Education Ambassadors Program aims to contribute to a more sustainable world order from a social, ecological and economic perspective with fair opportunities for everyone.

YEA Mission
• To raise awareness among youths about challenges to global education and their interrelation. • To foster critical thinkers who will actively participate in education-related fields of their interest. • To provide participants with necessary tools and information in order to advance their engagement • To connect young people around the world with their peers in order to learn from and about each other. • Create Youth Education Ambassadors, who transfer the gained knowledge to their peers, schools, and communities.

YEA Implementation
Part 1: By means of intensive two to four hour labs (workshops) and various excursions, the participants acquire fundamental knowledge about current global and educationally relevant topics in the fields Environment, Human Rights and Poverty. In addition to this, they receive an extensive personality training, for example in project management and rhetoric skills. Part 2: The students have the possibility of implementing their new skills in a partner organization in Austria, abroad or in their own projects.

YEA and Sustainable Development Goals
The Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA-Programme) is a partner of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). YEA contributes to Goal 4 of the SDGs - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Find out more information about the partnership of YEA and SDGs here

6 months: from October until March; Graduation with a Youth Education Ambassador Certificate

To find out more about YEA, download the full concept here

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2015/2016 YEA Participants attend a UN conference on Peace and Security at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna.