About Us

United for Education and Sustainable Futures – UESF – was founded in September 2011 with the belief that education is the key to just and sustainable societies.
UESF is registered as a non-profit international association with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The registration of association can be found here
Our efforts focus on eradicating illiteracy and the lack of access to adequate education in developing nations, by supporting and promoting education and development related projects. In addition, UESF aims to raise awareness of global challenges related to education on a worldwide level.

UESF believes that empowering people by providing them access to adequate education will eventually ensure equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, origin and status and thus contribute to more sustainable societies.

As a non-profit association, UESF relies solely on volunteer work, donations and sponsorship from the public and private sector. UESF is open to cooperating with other local, municipal, national, regional or international organizations and UN institutions to ensure its activities bear fruitful results.