UESF relies on the volunteer work of its members, donations and sponsorship from the public and private sector.

The financial resources UESF mobilizes are used to support projects specifically linked with education and development programs in developing nations, channelled through on-the-ground charities, and organizations.

We do this because it is our belief that children and youth have the power to change today’s world for the better, but only if an adequate education is accessible to them. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to provide children and youth all across the globe with the most important thing anyone could ever hope for: a chance at life.

Every donation is crucial for sending childern to and keeping them in school and making sure that they have a good learning environment every child deserves.




Bank Austria

Account number: 10003137626
IBAN: AT681200010003137626

Thank you!

We also accept non-financial donations such as services in the following fields:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Event hosting
  • Travel tickets
  • Accommodation
  • TV and Radio airtime
  • Winning prizes in case of events
  • Printing services
  • And other in-kind contributions