What is UESF?

UESF is a non-profit, non-government association created to address and help to tackle challenges of lack of education around the world while supporting and promoting international conventions on human rights and universal standards of living for all human beings. UESF mobilizes resources to support projects around the world especially in developing countries. Our vision is to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in affected regions

What are the benefits provided by UESF?

UESF’s belief is that everyone deserves a chance for education which is the primary requirement for a sustainable future of all people. Throughout the years, we have witnessed life-changing importance of education on the development of human kind. From the technology that brought the first man to the moon and introduced internet, to many scientific discoveries including the law of the universal gravity by Isaac Newton, electricity by Michael Faraday and many more. At UESF, we believe that it is beneficial for all of us when the underprivileged are provided with education and resources so that they can help sustain themselves in the respective countries. This will insure the development of their regions and avoid mass migration in search for a better life.

How can I get involved with UESF?

Getting involved with UESF is easy. Simply contact us at info@uesfi.org. Whether you have an idea for a project, a research project related to education or development that you would like posted, or would simply like more information on UESF in general, feel free to send us an e-mail. We’re always happy to hear from other interested individuals looking to make a difference.

Can I become a member of UESF?

Yes you can become UESF’s member. We operates on the basis of volunteerism and good will of the people thus we encourage people to become members so that they can be part of the open and transparent process of making the difference. A membership fee is required. For more information contact info@uesfi.org

In which ways can I contribute to UESF?

There are many ways you can contribute to UESF. As a grassroots organization, there is currently much room for new ideas, effective partnerships and different strategies to be explored. Currently, UESF main project is „Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA-Program)“ which was established in October 2013 with a vision: To create a world in which young people are aware of the correlation between their lives and those of other youngsters around the globe and work together to create mutual support through cultural and intellectual exchange as well as quality education (both formal and non-formal). We are always looking for new team members and cooperation with schools and organizations.

aims to mobilize resources that will allow it, for example, to host events, seminars or round-table discussions aimed at raising additional resources, from which all proceeds can be donated to a specific education or development related project in a developing country. The possibilities are many, so feel free to contact us with your idea as we would be happy to work together with you.

How can I donate to a UESF project?

UESF acts both on a continuing and ad hoc basis. Meaning, ongoing support from donors, partners and individuals are welcomed, and so are temporary donations or support. In other words, one-time donations are also highly welcomed. So, if you have an idea for a one-time project or would simply like to donate resources to one of our projects, feel free to contact us at info@uesf.org. We’ll make sure that your donation is put to good use and will always follow-up to let you know how and where your resources were expended. Transparency is important to us.

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