UESF was founded in September 2011, inspired from the original work of United for Education and Development. After a number of our members came to the conclusion that education was the most important development aspect unifying their goals, UESF was created to accommodate and advance this belief.


A big milestone was reached when the Youth Education Ambassadors Program, short YEA-Program, was launched in Vienna in January 2014. In cooperation with various schools and local and international partners, pupils are educated on current global challenges over the course of six months until they graduate as Youth Education Ambassadors. The first group graduated in March 2015. Through local and international practical placements after the graduation, participants are able to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice and engage in partner NGOs to work on the improvement of education and the access to education especially for less privileged countries.

Both UESF and the YEA-Program have grown since then, and we are working tirelessly to further expand our work.