UESF relies on the volunteer work of its members, donations and sponsorship from the public and private sector.

“Education fosters growth and development, which fosters more education, which leads to sustainable futures.”


The blue, yellow and red persons represent unity and diversity. Also, as the three primary colours, they can be combined to form all other colours in existence. As different people, languages and cultures mix, multiculturalism increases, which, through education, can lead to cooperation, friendship and understanding between all persons of all colours.



The book represents education, which is imperative to everything and everyone; from social, economic and environmental development, to achieving unity in diversity and good governance, so as to overcome injustices such as racism, xenophobia, prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and human rights violations. Moreover, only through education can a more informed and responsive citizens develop and participate in an active civil society.



The tree represents the fruits of an adequate education: growth. Because the tree is nourished by the knowledge one can gain from the book, its life and future are therefore completely dependent on the book. Thus, the tree represents our clear direction: to help provide adequate education to those most in need towards a sustainable life.In essence, without these factors (i.e. unity of diversity, education and growth) there can be no sustainable future.