The Challenge

The future always holds risks that can’t be foreseen. However, some developments are more likely to cause challenges on a global scale than others. If we remain on the current path of development involving the over-exploitation of natural resources, turning a blind eye to injustice and inequality, a sustainable future seems unlikely to be reached.

It is widely agreed that education is one of the most powerful tools with which to address challenges of the future. In the long run, educated minds can contribute hugely to tackling global challenges understanding current issues and thus, driving progress sustainably. However, lack of access to adequate and inclusive education and gender inequality in relation to education are still a problem, especially in developing countries. Moreover, people in developed countries often don’t have the necessary appreciation of the importance of education and the impact of the lack of it in their communities. This is especially significant for young people in developing countries.


Our Approach

Education changes lives and is the key to eradicating poverty.

We, members of UESF, are supporting and promoting education as a tool to pave the way towards a sustainable future. We are convinced that this is not a matter for diplomats and experts only, but that all the actors of the world need to be involved. It concerns every one of us, inhabitants of developing countries as well as citizens of developed countries.

By educating people starting from a young age we want to create opportunities and empower each and every individual to reach their potentials and take their future into their own hands. We want to raise global awareness and understanding for current challenges and of the way to build a sustainable future. Through education we support all efforts to create new and maintain existing relations among people, foster mutual understanding and a greater respect for the environment.

This is why UESF creates and implements a range of programs in Vienna and elsewhere. All our activities am at educating people to make an impact in increasing access to education for the children of the world, in empowering women through education, and in building stronger partnerships across the boundaries. In the long run this will contribute to the achievement of a sustainable development for all.