“Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.” Kofi Annan


Dear Friends,


It is with with this belief that dedicated individuals came to a realization of setting up a platform on which other people with the same idea would join and together they would work to achieve this aim.

UESF’s short history has proven that it is possible to make a difference, no matter how little. Despite the challenges that this commitment presents, UESF members recognize the need to contribute to the following instruments of achieving its’s mission and goals;

That is how the idea of founding UESF came about. After many meetings and hard work, UESF became a legal functioning non-for profit organization in November, 2011. Our members come from all around the world with experiences in various fields and a strong commitment to educational life. UESF’s unique nature gives the opportunity for people to not only help but fulfill their humanitarian moral obligations to ensure that everyone has a chance to a better life through education.


  • Fostering and empowering young people through education on global issues;Providing volunteer work for interested students and other individuals;
  • Assisting other organizations and individuals with their activities;
  • Promoting human rights, diversity, humanitarianism and equality;
  • Raising awareness with regards to major international issues related to well-being;
  • Providing others with ways to help make a big difference around the world, one step at a time;
  • Our goals are to help people of the developing world understand, implement and maintain sustainable development programs in their respective countries through education and education-related projects;

UESF also believes that education is an excellent avenue for raising awareness about how people can protect themselves from preventable diseases such as malaria, cholera, as well as HIV/AIDS, each of which has become the cause of millions of deaths each year worldwide particularly in developing nations. Moreover, it is UESF belief that if urban and rural farmers in developing nations are educated on how their lands, farms, cattle, water reserves etc. can be used effectively, then there is a good chance that poverty can be reduced.

At UESF, education for youth in the developed world is just as crucial. In order to foster critical thinking about global issues, UESF established the „Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA-Program)“ in October 2013 with a shared vision: To create a world in which young people are aware of the correlation between their lives and those of other youngsters around the globe and work together to create mutual support through cultural and intellectual exchange as well as quality education (both formal and non-formal).

Furthermore, UESF believes that better education will help promote just political systems in the developing world, since lack of democracy has diminished development possibilities and left people unaware of the importance of voting.

Finally, it is UESF’s profound belief that education is the primary tool that will put an end to the long-standing culture of war and conflicts throughout the developing world. It is only through education that people will get to know, understand, reflect upon, debate and conceptualize on their histories, circumstances, rights, and the need to settle differences peacefully (ie. voting or protest) instead of through violence. Moreover, education will make people in the developing world more aware of their basic human rights, and once they begin exercising these rights more peaceful political regimes will evolve.

All these are the reasons why we believe that you will also choose to join UESF either as an active member or as a supporter of our cause. UESF’s dedicated members are very appreciative for your generous contributions that will make a difference in the lives of those we set ourselves to serve – the less privileged ones. It would therefore be a great pleasure for us to welcome you at UESF!


God bless you and your loved ones.

Billy Batware
UESF President